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Our Philosophy

At Knox Childcare and Kindergarten we aim to provide a safe, warm, secure environment for your child. We provide 'homely' centre where children from all backgrouds feel welcome and are able to express themselves in a positive, safe and supported way. Using positive guidance, children are able to develop positive self worth and confidence.

Staff are an integral part of our centre and are encouraged to continue their professional development to enhance the program. Children are provided with opportunities to experience both indoor and outdoor activities and rest times are provided throughout the day. We respect all children and their families and welcome parent involvement in decision making in the form of advice, suggestions and time spent with the children at the centre.

Our educational framework is based upon the belief that, through play and children's natural curiosity to explore and experiment, skills are achieved at individual levels. These programs are driven by the interests of the children and supported by the Early Years Learning Frameworks.

Every child at Knox Childcare and Kindergarten is encouraged to reach their full potential. All children come with their own strengths, which they can share and develop. We encourage the children to explore their strengths and therefore gain confidence. The ability to construct and direct their learning with our early childhood qualified professionals provides a dynamic culture and environment that is a natural extension to their home environment. Every member of the Knox Childcare and Kindergarten's team respects that every child needs nurturing relationships with their parents.

Our centre reflects the needs of our local community and the families who rely on the service provided. We have autonomy, within professional guidelines, to devise and offer individuality within our programs, to meet local community needs.

Our Goals and Vision

  • For Knox Childcare and Kindergarten to be a highly innovative centre implementing high quality programs based on the Early Years Learning Framework.
  • For families, children and communities to have access to a well administered, organised service that meets local needs by offering quality, best practice, individual programs with developmental outcomes and excellent standards.
  • For employees to be supported in their professional growth through training, networking, career pathways, respectful communications, encouragement, acknowledgment of skills and problem solving challenges.
  • Be accessible for students, providing an engaging environment where they can active inquire and reflect while acquiring new skills.
  • Place a strong emphasis in all rooms on embedding sustainable practices and cultural diversity into our everyday activities.
  • We wish for our children to look back on their time with us with fond memories of the friendships made and experiences shared and see us as a cherished part of their childhood.
Commitment to child safety

Knox Childcare is committed to the protection of children and the provision of a child safe, child friendly environment. We will protect all children in our care from foreseeable risk of harm, abuse or injury.

Children’s rights to safety and participation

All children at Knox Childcare have the right to - express their views freely on all matters affecting them - be free from discrimination of any kind - to develop at their own pace - be free from violence and abuse - to be happy and relaxed and enjoy a wide range of activities

Knox Childcare encourages children to express their views. We listen to their suggestions, especially on matters that directly affect them. We actively encourage all children who use our service to 'have a say' about what things are important to them. We teach children about what to do if they feel unsafe. We listen to and act on any concerns children, or their parents raise with us.

Valuing diversity

We value promotes diversity by; - promoting the cultural safety, participation and empowerment of Aboriginal children and their families - promoting the cultural safety, participation and empowerment of children from culturally and/or linguistically diverse backgrounds and their families -welcoming children with a disability and their families and act to promote their participation -seeking appropriate educators from diverse cultural backgrounds

Recruiting staff and volunteers

Knox Childcare and Kindergarten applies the best practice standards in the recruitment and screening of educators and volunteers. We interview and conduct referee checks on all educators and volunteers and require Working With Children Checks for all positions. our commitment to Child Safety and our screening requirements are included in all advertisements.

Supporting staff and volunteers

Knox Childcare and Kindergarten seeks to attract and retain the best educators and volunteers. We provide support and supervision so people feel valued, respected and fairly treated all educators and students are inducted into our service with training provided on child safety and our code of conduct, which provides guidance to educators and volunteers.

Information is gathered form updates on the child safe standards and networking with peers in the industry.

Reporting a child safety concern or complaint

Nicole Cronin and Deborah Cullen have been appointed as Child Safety Persons with the specific responsibility for responding to any complaints made by educators, volunteers, parents or children.

We also have a complaints policy that should be followed

Any complaint received is documented, investigated, reported if required and followed up according to our complaints policy. These steps are used for continued improvement of our practices.

Risk Management

We recognise the importance of a risk management approach to minimising the potential for child abuse or harm to occur and use this to inform our policy, procedures and activity planning. In addition to general occupational health and safety risks, we proactively manage risks of abuse to our children.

Contact Us

17 Old Orchard Drive
Wantirna South 3152
03 9801 0033

Hours of Operation

7.00am – 6.30pm, Monday to Friday
(except public holidays)